Starting our journey

Figuring out the how, before the what

Starting our journey

In July of 2022, we (Marius and Joda) joined our team @ and 2Bros Group on a company workation on Ibiza. For one week we enjoyed some much-needed sun and water, direct human connection as well as communication and exchange after over 2 years of home office.

Being passionate about the work we do at our company and web tech and development, we discussed some future ideas with our colleagues to advance the stack of the company, maybe fill the vacation fund or start completely new ideas.

Starting to talk about it on our boat trip, we continued to discuss ideas, paths forward and how to approach it throughout the way back in airports, planes and trains.

The next time, both of us met up to advance our ideas and develop our approach was at the About You Pangea Festival 2022. It gave us some distance from the rut of our daily lives and gave us a space to freely think about new ideas.
Both of us had worked freelance before with varying success and satisfaction and wanted to improve upon it.

Our Tweet about meeting up at the About You Pangea 2022 festival for brainstorming

By meeting up beforehand, staying 4 days at the festival and having another day after, we could spend some real time together. It gave us enough time to switch it up between brainstorming sessions, swimming, eating, drinking, dancing and chilling.
A lot of different influences from music, artists, cultural events, sports and just people in general allowed us to switch it up to kick-start our creativity.

Our desire to start bootstrapping startups together was not born of a singular business idea nor a dissatisfaction with our jobs or the work we did. But from a drive to grow as people, learn new skills, a belief to thrive as freelancers and entrepreneurs, inspired by other #buildinpublic bootstrappers. Realizing, that getting paid by the hour doesn't provide a lot of opportunity to scale it and very few companies allow one to contribute to better processes to allow for internal optimization and automation, never mind profiting from it yourself. Mostly the latter.

Our tweets about our activities and brainstorming at the About You Pangea 2022 festival

Being interested in working on bigger projects, open-source, non-profits and selflessly improving the world for everyone without getting paid, we longed for a passive income that would allow us to invest the necessary time.

It became clear to us, that we needed an approach to building, launching, validating, marketing and monetizing projects and startups in a way that would get us to the goal the fastest.
The immediate goal would be to get to 2k € MRR, 1k € for each of us, giving us a certain amount of freedom to reduce our working hours in typical jobs and focus more of our time on creating the next one or expanding an existing one.

They needed to be very low-maintenance and automatically scalable until the time when monthly revenue would allow us to spend time on them regularly.

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