Boot camp #1

In-person focus time

To make some real progress on our ideas, we decided to have recurring "boot camps" at irregular intervals. They consist of in-person meetings for up to 2 weeks, allowing us to keep communication direct, quick and efficient.

If possible, we schedule them during vacations or public holidays, to spend more time on the project.
It helps to be working at the same company, with the same clients and projects, as well as work mentality and benefits. This reduces the disconnect during the day and helps us stay in sync.

Our first boot camp ended up being 7 days after we scheduled it up for up to 2 weeks. Other responsibilities came up and the intensity of the first days made us need to take a breather.

We spent most of the time setting up the basics, finding the name for our project, registering the domain, setting up our tools like Notion, Stripe, Swell and Google Workspace and email as well as rating our business ideas.

The rest was getting into the thick of Cloudflare Workers' technical details, Swell setup and customization and discussing our pivots from idea to idea after finding roadblocks in our original approach.
During this, we connected with the communities of the chosen tech stack, started some discussion and collected some contact details.

We are looking forward to our second boot camp, which will not be held in the same country, but digital slowmading together.

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