My first day as an intern at

My first day as an intern at

A Journey of Learning and Discovery

Greetings, everyone!

My name is Seva, and I'm thrilled to share my first day as an intern at! It was a day filled with learning, good vibes, and valuable experiences.

Right from the start, as I joined the virtual space, Joda Stößer provided me with insights into the intriguing project the team is currently working on, known as What caught my attention was its ability to condense the social media platforms I provide into a digital business card, presenting me uniquely to potential followers.

Eager to contribute, I immersed myself in the project, offering feedback and brainstorming ideas. Being part of this collaborative effort felt empowering, and I cherished the opportunity to share my thoughts with the team.

Next, my training task involved creating a one-pager. For this, I worked in Versoly. It was my first time creating a web page entirely on my own. Initially daunting, I approached it with curiosity. After some trial and error, I successfully created a sleek one-page site for a conceptual "anti-vintage" clothing store. Seeing my creation come to life was immensely gratifying.

Screenshot of a mockup one-page website for futuristic fashion

Reflecting on the day's experiences, I'm amazed by the wealth of knowledge gained in just one day. The accessibility of modern tools has truly revolutionized the landscape of coding and web design.

A heartfelt thank you to for fostering an environment of growth and learning. I eagerly anticipate the adventures that lie ahead!

Until next time,

Vsevolod Diachenko

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