Stripe silently launches PayPal beta, supporting Connect

Rounding out the Stripe payment provider portfolio

Stripe silently launches PayPal beta, supporting Connect

Stripe just silently launched their PayPal integration beta.

Just a few days ago, we noticed PayPal showing up in some of the Stripe modals for possible payment methods. Searching the interface to enable it or add it to the checkout, didn't turn up any results.

So did searching the web. Nada.

Crawling through the docs, we finally found the information we were looking for! The following docs are only accessible when logged in:

This allows PayPal to show a "join beta" form, with the account email address already prefilled.

This beta is available for Stripe customers in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.
Of course, we immediately applied and will test it as soon as possible.

Other than simplifying the checkout experience, making it easier to set up new shops and billing, being able to manage everything in one service and dashboard, is the option to use Stripe Connect with it.

This would allow marketplaces and services wanting to split a payment between different fulfillers, to support PayPal payments as well.
In the past, supporting PayPal meant building a custom payout system.
No more!