Collecting business and startup ideas

Learning about the art of being creative

Collecting business and startup ideas

With the initial brainstorming done for how we want to work, collaborate and achieve our goals, outlining a kind of framework, we were due for some actual ideas to start building.

Our previously defined framework provided some inspiration in which direction we wanted to look for ideas. Immediately looking for ideas that scale, are minimal to be built in 2 weeks, don't rely on user-generated content, are easy for us to market and have a real value proposition.

After our meetup at the About You Pangea festival 2022, we stayed in contact and had a lot of calls every few days. We migrated all of our ideas into Notion and typed all of them down as soon as they came to mind.

Quickly, we realized there were some idea groups and categories, so we created a second database named "Inspirations" and grouped our ideas under them.
Over a few weeks, the list grew to over 70 entries.

Surprised by the sheer amount, we realized our constant exchange as well as being exposed to different technologies and mediums in our day-to-day lives kept our brains fresh and brainstorming became easy.
It is a real skill that can be learned, and you get better at it when trained.

It is very important not to get fixated too much to not block yourself. Take enough time to think and talk, as well as enough space to write things down.
Be sure to get enough sleep, food, movement and sun. Every bit helps.

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