Cloudflare Workers Shop

Simplifying the approach: v0.1 instead of v1

Cloudflare Workers Shop

Having to smooth out the edges of our Worker router approach to allow for multiple workers on the Cloudflare Workers platform on a single request, we decided to come full circle and return to the roots: Building and marketing our workers.

Instead of providing a fully automated and integrated marketplace, we'll either provide the source files or compiled WASM assets to upload and update yourself.

Of course, providing them in a shop built on Swell:

All our other approaches, a public Marketplace for all vendors, automated deployment, integrated configuration, multi-worker configuration and automated share distribution.

This will be the shortest amount of development to get to a magnetizable product and the first version of our worker shop and workshop.
In the spirit of getting as quickly to v1 and building atop it, we decided to go with this approach first.